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Clark Elementary 2022-23 Report Card

WAEA School Performance Rating

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Parents are critical partners in a school's success. Just as your child's report card shows how he or she is performing, this school report card shows you how your child's school is performing in multiple areas. It is designed to show the school's strengths in addition to challenges that need to be addressed in order to ensure we are meeting the needs of all students.


School Total Teacher *FTE Inexperienced Teachers FTE Inex. Teacher FTE %
Clark Elementary 1.31 0 0.00%

School Emergency / Provisional Credential Teachers Emerg./Prov. Cred. Teachers % Out Of Field Teachers FTE OFT Teachers FTE %
Clark Elementary 0.07 5.34% 0 0.00%

Inexperienced Teacher: Any teacher with less than three years teaching experience in Wyoming and other states.

Emergency/Provisional Credentialed Teachers: A teacher with an exception authorization allowing them to teach in an area other than that for which they hold a standard license and endorsement.

Out-of-field Teacher: A teacher who has an educator license, but who does not have an educator license or an endorsement in the field they are currently teaching; an out-of-field teacher is designated as an unqualified teacher.

*FTE = Full Time Employee


Teacher Level Male FTE* Female FTE Total FTE Average Base Salary Average Total Salary
Elementary Teacher 12.51 65.71 78.22 $63,419.08 $64,457.62
Jr Hi/Middle School Teacher 10.82 14.09 24.91 $65,417.52 $69,416.17
High School Teacher 19.67 17.64 37.31 $67,908.20 $73,712.61
Teachers Total 43 97.44 140.44 $64,966.17 $67,795.90

*FTE = Full Time Employee